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Smooth, Silky Hair in Addison, IL

Want smoother, straighter hair? Daily straightening at home is time intensive and can cause hair breakage. Plus, the frizz returns as soon as you walk out into a humid or rainy day. You can keep your hair, frizz and damage-free with our healthy hair treatments. Viva Glam Hair Salon's keratin treatments are a great alternative to daily home straightening. Save time during your morning routine when you get this long-lasting hair smoothing treatment and never worry about mid-day frizz again.
Keratin is a protein naturally found in your hair. Our licensed hair stylists will apply a keratin smoothing therapy treatment and seal it into your hair with a flat iron. Not only will you have straighter and smoother hair, but the keratin protein will work to strengthen you hair, making it healthier and more resilient.

You should wait for three or four days to wash your hair after a keratin treatment. Then you can expect the straight and smooth style to last for 2-3 months.